The Frontier

Session 1 - First Steps

The party began on a ship journeying to the city state of Sol. The first mate of the ship approached the party, offering them gold in exchange for helping them seize control of the ship from the captain so that they would not have to pay toll to the Maenad who control the waters outside Sol. The party refused this offer and informed the captain of the first mates intentions. As thanks the captain informed the party of Sol’s laws regarding magic, and directed them to the Slumbering Falcon where they received free lodging for the night and the favor of the tavern’s owner, Jim Simmons. While exploring the wilds outside Sol, Fumator discovered an amulet with dwarven script on it. The party later determined that the amulet was a magical key, and that the script read “Beamsbullion”, a Dwarven surname. The party then took a job investigating an unusual corpse on one of the farms south of Sol. The corpse was completely skinless, though there were no signs of any tools used to remove the skin. Members of the party knew that there are Fey creatures that are known to skin their victims, but weren’t able to determine any specific creature that could have done this. The party followed the tracks of a barefoot male human into the western mountains until they eventually lost the trail and were attacked by a group of Strix. Narrowly winning the encounter the party fled the mountains and returned to Sol, sending a messenger to the farm to inform that they were unable to continue their investigation.



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