The Frontier

Session 2 - Hunting Bandits

The session began with the party being attacked in The Slumbering Falcon by the first mate they had declined to assist in the previous session, and three of his shipmates. the first mate and two of the shipmates were killed; the third received healing from Fumator and was released. The party then left to meet with Edgar Dernst who had posted a request for warriors on Sol’s job board. On the way there a young elven girl stole the Beamsbullion amulet from them and led the party on a short chase over the rooftops of Serpent’s Grotto. When she was caught by Magnus she returned the amulet and convinced the party to let her join them by revealing that she knew the location of the door the Beamsbullion amulet would unlock. The party then purchased a squire’s outfit for Emriel, the elf girl, and went to meet with Mr. Dernst at his estate in the Noble Circle. Dernst required that they kill or otherwise remove a group of bandits that had been attacking the mountain pass outside Sol and recover as many of the trade goods they had stolen as possible. In making preparations for the journey the party was led by Emriel to an elderly woman named Kiki living in Serpent’s Grotto. Kiki was an eccentric potion maker, however, after much deliberation the party declined to purchase anything and began the journey the following morning. The party elected to stay off the road and journeyed for three weeks through the wilderness, remaining unmolested by wildlife and the strix that inhabit the western mountains. By a stroke of luck they stumbled upon the bandit’s encampment in an abandon dwarven outpost. The party was immediately attacked by the three bandits outside the outpost and dispatched them with relative ease remaining, after some magical healing, unharmed.



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