Dron Beamsbullion

Dwarven cleric of Fharlanghn. Keeper of the first orb of light.


Interaction with party: The party met Dron after a series of challenges they encountered at a hidden temple of Fharlanghn. He had transfered his soul into construct that had the appearance of a suit of full plate armor. Upon his discovery he told the party the story of how he came to dwell there, gave the party the first Orb of Light, told them that they must journey to see the fox folk of the Feywood to receive another, and then unbound his soul from the suit of armor.

History: Dron was born in Denrial to the noble house of Beamsbullion. He became a cleric of Fharlanghn at a young age, and was one of the few Dwarves that spent more time on the surface than underground. One day he was greeted on the road by an elderly human who gave him a glowing orb, and a magical great axe. The old man bid him to travel far to the north, into the western mountains, and build a shrine to house the orb, and challenges to be overcome by those who would receive it. Believing this elderly man to be Fharlanghn, Dron gathered the Dwarves of his house and did as the old man said. Before the shrine was complete though, they received words that a great evil had been found deep in the earth and that all Dwarves were journeying to help contain it. All of Dron’s followers, including (lastly) his wife, left him, and he completed the temple himself and transferred his soul into a suit of armor so that he might sit for eternity and wait for those who would find him.

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Dron Beamsbullion

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