Little elf girl. Likes guns, thievery, and explosions (you assume).


Interaction with party: The party met Emriel in Sol when she lifted the Beamsbullion amulet from them. She returned it under the condition that she be allowed to join them on a short adventure. The adventure has become much longer than she anticipated.

History: Emriel is the daughter of an archeologist. She was born in Denrial. When she was young her father left her and her mother to explore Eldross Isle. He never returned. When Sickness took Emriel’s mother she left Denrial, journeying north through the Feywood, all the way to Sol. The party knows little of her life in Sol except that she likely survived as a pickpocket and that she was friends with and elderly potion maker named Kiki.

No knowledge checks have been made about this character.


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