Venerus the Swift Hearted

Renowned monster hunter.


Interaction with party: The party met Venerus and his band of mercenaries at the Fahrenbrook Inn, just off the western road. He purchased the Inn from them in exchange for a modest sum of money, free room and meals, and goodwill in the form of relaying the tale of the party defeating a group of werewolves, as opposed to the party murdering a group of innkeepers. Venerus declined to join the party, stating that he was journeying to Sol to investigate the appearance of a series of skinless corpses.

General knowledge: Venerus is rumored to be over 700 years of age. He is moderately wealthy due to the high rates he charges for his services. He wields a weapon that appears to be a pole arm with the blade of a short sword on one end and a mace on the other. He leads a group of mercenaries consisting of at least 13 men with a variety of skills.

[Courtney’s character] and Emriel have made knowledge local checks about this character.

Venerus the Swift Hearted

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