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  • Sol

    Sol is one of the four city states of the Frontier. It was settle by and is still ruled by House Ralech. The current king of the Sol is King Hammond Ralech II. Sol is divided into three districts. The first is the industrial district, home to the …

  • Serpent's Grotto

    Serpent's Grotto is a slum located outside of Sol's north wall. It is home to many less reputable institutions which specialize in drink, prostitution, gambling, and black market goods. *Sol's city guard do not patrol in Serpent's Grotto.*

  • Emriel

    *Interaction with party:* The party met Emriel in Sol when she lifted the Beamsbullion amulet from them. She returned it under the condition that she be allowed to join them on a short adventure. The adventure has become much longer than she anticipated. …

  • Edgar Dernst

    *Interaction with party:* The party met Edgar Dernst when he contracted them to remove bandits that had been attacking trade caravans in the mountain pass outside Sol, and retrieve lost trade goods. The party discovered magic items among the trade goods …

  • Kiki

    *Interaction with party:* The party was led to Kiki by Emriel. Kiki has sold potions to the party, and has taught Magnus how to brew potions. *No knowledge checks have been made about this character.*